Click the link above if you would like to add your course(s) to the Advertising Research Participation (Sona) System.

Instructor Guidelines

Provide Course Information

At the start of each class term, you will receive an email asking your permission to include your class(es) in the research participant pool. Please respond to the email with a) course number and section to be included in the system (e.g., ADV 150 – Section A); b) approximate enrollment and; c) maximum number of credits that students are allowed to get from research participation. Credits are described further below.

Getting Students into Sona

In order to participate in research studies for course credit, students will need to create an account in our Sona database (a cloud-based research and participant recruitment solution for universities). All you need to do is let your students know how to do this. This is as easy as posting the following announcement to your Compass site, putting it in your syllabus, and/or emailing it to your class:

“In order to participate in research for course credit for this class, you’ll need to have an account on the Sona Systems database. You may already have an account that you created in a previous class. If this is the case, all you need to do is log back in and select the courses that you’re currently enrolled in.

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one.To do this, go to the following link: Click on the “Request Account” button on the right side of the screen to request an account. You’ll be asked to enter a username, which should be your NetID. The system will then send you an email with your password. When asked to select a course, please choose “ADV XXX”. A participant tutorial is available at If you have any questions please email or visit the Advertising Research Participation System publish site at”

Multiple Classes

The system will allow students to be enrolled in multiple classes within the database. When the student signs up to participate in a particular study, s/he can determine which class the participation credit is applied to.

Notifying Students of Research Participation Opportunities

Once the student is in the database, s/he can see the available research participation opportunities any time they sign in. The system allows students to sign up for all studies being conducted by researchers from the Department of Advertising. By allowing your students to have an account in the system means that they will be able to take part in whatever study they want.

We rarely send mass emails announcing studies. For this reason, please remind students to sign up for studies early in the semester, and that they should check the system frequently. If they do not sign up for studies throughout the semester they might not have enough opportunities to participate by the end of your class.

Scheduling Research Participation

All scheduling will occur within Sona. Once students login in Sona, they will have a list of studies being conducted. Students usually choose the studies based on the credits they are worth, and if there are timeslots available for them.


Credits required for your course will be displayed on Sona, but it is important to inform students of the maximum amount of credits your course admits. Credits will be allocated according to the length of time each study lasts:

  • 15 minutes: .5 credit
  • 30 minutes: 1 credit
  • 45 minutes: 1.5 credits
  • 60 minutes: 2 credits
  • 75 minutes: 2.5 credits
  • 90 minutes: 3 credits

Once students participate in a study, the credits are granted automatically or by researchers within 48hrs, so students do not need to take any further action.

Keeping Track of Credits

Sona will track each student’s credit over the course of the semester.  At the end of the semester, or whenever you want, we will send you a class roster with the number of credits that each of your students has earned.  You may then apply those credits in any manner you choose, based on the particulars of your grading rubric.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Sona provides great research experience for students and important data for researchers. We thank you for allowing your students to register for the participant pool.